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Cellgevity – is the science legitimate?

Is Cellgevity Just Another Useless Glutathione Pill?

If You Didn’t Know That Glutathione Pills Are a Waste of Your Hard Earned Money, You Need to Read This…

Considering this site was created by a small team who had never heard of glutathione until 2007, we were just as unqualified as the next person in terms of evaluating the science a product like Cellgevity.

What we did know years ago, was that glutathione was our body’s master antioxidant and the more you had the better! Admittedly, like most people discovering something new, we were a little naive when it came to the ‘claims’ some companies were making.

We became excited about the benefits of glutathione and buying glutathione pills. without knowing that everything we were trying had little to no benefit. We found out that most glutathione supplements on the market (aside from Cellgevity and other Max products) are destroyed by the stomach acid and never even make it into your cells. But yet none of the companies promoting these products ever tell you that!

So although we felt disheartened and ripped off, we set out on a path to find out if anyone actually made a supplement that could get the cells producing more glutathione.

And after hundreds of hours of scouring medical sites, we found that outside of what the average health food store was supplying, there were legitimate scientists who had “cracked the code” on getting your body to produce more glutathione.

Meet Dr Herbert Nagasawa: The scientist behind Cellgevity

When we came across Dr Nagasawa, here’s why we were completely sold on the legitimacy of the science behind Cellgevity…

He’s had over 165 published and peer reviewed articles, mostly by the National Institutes of Health and the Veteran’s Administration. He’s served as senior scientist at the Veterans Administration and for 32 years had been the senior editor of the Journal of Medicinal Chemistry.

Now sure that might sound like a lot of medical mumbo jumbo, but in layman’s terms it basically means not only is he more than qualified to talk about glutathione, he has the utmost respect in the scientific community.

With that said, we discovered Cellgevity isn’t actually a glutathione pill, and on top of that glutathione pills don’t work! But what we did find out is that Cellgevity contains a breakthrough ingredient that protects a precious little molecule so that glutathione can be delivered to your cells. 

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