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Thanks for stopping by to find out more about Cellgevity.

If you’ve been reading the content on this site, you probably already know that our team didn’t have a clue what glutathione was until 2007.

And to be honest, when we did first hear that glutathione was the bodies master antioxidant, we thought so what!  Yet another antioxidant that’s going to get bottled up with a good dose of marketing hype thrown in. And the fact that we’d never heard of it, made it sound even less miraculous than some of the other ‘so called’ breakthroughs we’d investigated in the past. But when it comes to research, we couldn’t resist at least looking into glutathione to find out if there was any substance to the claims we were hearing.

Much to our embarrassment, there were already over 100,000 published articles on glutathione on PubMed, which is the US governments public medical library. And yet, very few medical professionals we spoke to had ever heard of it.  Something so critical, that your cells would die without it, and nobody was talking about it!

Anyway, long story short… By now you’ll know from reading through this site, that discovering the incredible benefits of glutathione was one thing, but finding the technology to get it into your cells was a whole different story.

So we made it a personal mission to keep researching, until we found the breakthrough we were looking for. A legitimate glutathione product that had valid science to prove it’s efficacy.

And that’s why we fell in love with the benefits Cellgevity has to offer! Cellgevity wasn’t our first product, but as of 2012, we haven’t seen anything on the market that even comes close.

If you have any questions, feel free to send them via our contact page.


The Glutathione support team

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