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How is Cellgevity different to MaxOne?

Cellgevity Wasn’t the First Product to Contain Riboceine, So What Makes it Any Different to MaxOne?

If you’ve heard of Max International’s products before and been using MaxOne, you’re probably already familiar with Riboceine. Previously we mentioned that Cellgevity wasn’t the first glutathione product we came across. Our research led us from discovering MaxGXL back in 2007, to following the launch of MaxOne in 2010.

Maxone was the first product that contained the breakthrough Riboceine technology that you now see in Cellgevity.

So what’s the difference between the two products?

Cellgevity has superior ingredients to MaxOne!

It seems Dr Herb Nagasawa and his research team never sleep. Whilst Riboceine was an absolute breakthrough, Cellgevity combines Riboceine with 12 scientifically proven ingredients that support your immune system.

And these aren’t just any ingredients…

Whilst both Max One and Cellgevity will raise the bodies glutathione levels, there are powerful differences between the two.

MaxOne’s primary ingredient is Riboceine which is the most advanced technology to date for effectively getting glutathione to penetrate your cells. Cellgevity on the other hand, contains Riboceine – so we already know we have your glutathione levels covered!

Here is why we were so impressed we switched products:

  • Number 1 – it increases your bodies glutathione levels
  • It combines the best of maxgxl & maxone
  • Unlike Maxone, it has some of the most powerful anti inflammatory nutraceuticals and phytonutrients

So with Cellgevity, we now have the best antioxidant, best anti inflammatory, best detoxifyer and best anti aging supplement there is. With maxone, a lot of people used to take additional supplements. Below are just some of the powerful ingredients in Cellgevity.

  • First we have the Tumeric root extract otherwise known as Curcumin. This is the active component that is in curry or tumeric. And it’s not just regular standardized version, it’s the highest quality Curcumin. It has the best absorption of any other type (29 fold higher) than the standardized version. But what’s so exciting about this ingredient, is it is reported to be one of the most powerful anti-inflammatories we have. Consider this… In India they have about 1/4 the amount of Alzheimer’s disease compared to the US and many experts believe it’s because they consume curry on a regular basis. And curry contains curcumin! So this is just one extra phytonutrient that’s in Cellgevity that we didn’t have in Maxone.
  • Then we have Resveratrol, which is found in red grape skin. Now this is similar in its actions to the curcumen but on top of that, it’s known for its anti-aging and cardio protective properties. There has been so much buzz about the health benefits of Resveratrol that clinical trials are underway. Soon we might finally have the answer to why do the French eat more fat, smoke more than the US and live longer.
  • Now we’re pretty excited about the Broccoli seed extract too! Suforaphane is a phytonutrient found in broccoli but it’s the brocolli seeds that have the highest amount.  In 1992 John Hopkins university found that broccoli seed had the highest amount of suforphane than any other type of vegetable. Clinical trials are now underway to ascertain its ability to impact various health conditions.
  • The Aloe Vera in Cellgevity is not the regular aloe either. It’s the Cape aloe which is a superior type.
  • Then we have the best type of Selenium known as selinomathionine. This allows the glutathione peroxidase to function well as its selinium dependant. We never had the addition of this in MaxOne. While it was available in one of the older Max products, many people couldn’t afford to buy both on an ongoing basis. And now they don’t need to!
  • We also have the Black pepper extract which is really important. The black pepper extract enables the curcumin to be absorbed much better. Not just with curcumin, but also with vitamin c and selenium.

So Cellgevity has the best of Maxone, which contains Riboceine, that is now known as the best way of delivering the essential – yet critical cysteine molecule to the cell. As well as the beneficial ingredients above – plus more!

“If you’re a healthy, organic eating person who hasn’t yet grasped why everybody, no matter how good your lifestyle, still needs to boost their glutathione levels, consider this…”

In the US alone, something like 70 to 80 thousand chemicals are produced each year. The EPA estimates that the average American may be carrying approx 700 industrial chemicals in their body. That’s just from living, eating and breathing what’s considered a ‘normal’ life. If you’re female, many lipsticks contain lead for a start.  Irrelevant of your gender, have you googled “arsenic in tap water” lately?

And just as an aside to that, did you know that your body intuitively tries to protect your cells from chemicals by surrounding the toxins in fat cells?  While Cellgevity is by no means promoted as a weight loss product, this might explain the reason some people report losing weight after detoxing. This is the best natural detoxifier we’ve seen. The CDC says that from 2500 screenings for 148 different industrial chemicals, significant amounts of these chemicals were found in every single individual tested.

When your glutathione levels are depleted, you can no longer protect yourself against free radicals, nor can your body effectively detoxify chemicals, heavy metals, free radicals or toxins.

“The carefully selected ingredients in Cellgevity work synergistically as a team”

It’s like having the best super stars on the planet in your team, all working together on your bodies health.  Working together to detoxify murcury, lead, cadmium and the list goes on.  The good news is, if your glutathione levels are high, you’re going to be detoxing these heavy metals.  And the best thing is, cellgevity is not a pharmaceutical!

So if you’re still on the fence about Cellgevity vs Maxone, think about this…

Entire companies have launched and products been made, just based on some of the ingredients above individually. Yet Cellgevity has the Riboceine plus 11, of the most beneficial ingredients we know of. Now that you know the difference between the two, don’t forget to share this with your friends by clicking on the Social Networking buttons below.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Please seek advice from a qualified medical professional before beginning any nutritional program. Cellgevity and other Max products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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